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Willing to take the hits?

In life you will experience hits, but what we do with them is the the real story.


Our recent modules for Mission: 300 has been on the topic of how to cope when life throws a hit.  To quote Rocky Balboa, "Life is not all sunshine and rainbows" and "It is not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.  That's how winning is done!"  For Dew, this could not be more literal. 

The HitDew has been in our program now for about three months and our current topics could not have fit him more. He is a Muay Thai fighter that has done well to move up the ranks.  He is well aware of the idea that as you get better, so does the competition you come up against. This was apparent in his fight (blue shorts) we were able to watch last night.  He started strong only to find a left hook and knee to the jaw was more than his body could take. At just under two minutes he found himself knocked out in the corner.  It took a little help of his ring team and a pop of his jaw back into place, but he was back on his feet to leave the ring.

TeamWe talked after the fight and he began laying out his training plan to make the adjustments necessary for the future.  I want you to catch this idea;  He was not looking for a way out, nor did he take time to make excuses.  He proceeded to remind us of what Mission: 300 taught him and proceeded to look to the next opportunity.  He ended our after match recap of a victory he did have on this evening, "For the first time I had someone come to the fight to support me."

What we can see in Dew is he knows how to take the hits and keep moving forward.