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In this discussion we bring together the previous episodes of Identity, Strength, and Courage in order to influence the world around us. 

Influence is more valuable than money and is the catalyst for change.  

Join us as we step into the world of influence.



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We continue with our four pillar conversation: Identity, Strength, Courage and Influence.

Jayson and Bryan discuss what is at the core of courage. 

What is trying to stop it?  How much is our identity involved? 

How were Gideon's 300 men chosen?



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When considering the act of courage motives are critical in the heroic act. 

In this episode, Jayson and Bryan share their stories. 

They also take a look at a misconception at the motives of Moses first act of deliverance.



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Courage has an opportunity in every area of your life.
The most frequent act of courage is standing to the influences around you that attempt to bring you into conformity.

Jayson and Bryan discuss the dynamics of Heart or Courage.



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What does it mean to be courageous?

What is the difference between courage and simply facing your fears?

Why is it a critical component of our life?

What is the motives behind it?

What does our Father God have to say about it?

These question and more as Jayson and Bryan discuss this critical topic.



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What would life be like you were free from the opinions of others? 
This episode reveals whose opinion matters and what happens when the Fathers opinion is the only one that matters.

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Audio Podcast Part 2.
When you embrace the ownership of what has been given to you, freedom emerges.

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Audio Podcast.
When you embrace the ownership of what has been given to you, freedom emerges.

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In this episode Jayson and Bryan discuss developing your strength. 
We take time to look at the difference between strength and tools. 
Where to place our identity and practical applications of this process.



 Strength: Developing what you have - Discussion - Click Here to Listen

Samson is a misunderstood and highly critiqued character of the Old Testament.  Yet, Hebrews says he pleased God.  
Join in a fresh look at the motives of the man who delivered a nation and made way for the Kingdom of Israel. 


Samson - A Journey of Love - Click Here to Listen

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