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In this episode Jayson and Bryan highlight the decision process of the characters in Esther.

When courage speaks to step forward and when to stand down.

How to keep your wits in the midst of chaos.

Our role in the big picture.

Most importantly becoming the stable lighthouse for others being tossed around at sea.



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In times of crisis and chaos, who you are in the midst of it is critical. 

In this episode, Jayson and Bryan discuss the perspective of the powers that be and who are we to the mountains we face. 

We explore the reality and spiritual metaphor found in the book of Esther. 

Discover a perspective of dealing with crisis that we can utilize in our current times. 

"It is not the mountain that is the challenge, it is who you are to the mountain."



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Who are you? 

This is the question that is addressed as we explore the life of St. Patrick and how he changed a nation.  

This episode explores that what is in you can outgrow what is around you. 

The result you become the influencer and no longer the influenced.


 Join us as we journey further into the fourth pillar of Mission: 300.


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How does inspiration vs motivation affect our lives? 

What does it mean to be inspired? 

Where does inspiration come from instead of a feel good motivation? 

We discuss these ideas and more while celebrating the life Matthew Richmann had on this mission.


Join us as we journey further into the fourth pillar of Mission: 300.



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In this discussion we discuss the difference between persuasion and inspiring. 
One tends to bring others under the influence of, while the other lifts others into a place of interdependence. 
One is temporal and needs management, while the other produces a long term change of freedom and replication.
Everyone influences, but what and whom becomes the great question. 

Join us as we journey further into the fourth pillar of Mission: 300.



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In this discussion we bring together the previous episodes of Identity, Strength, and Courage in order to influence the world around us. 

Influence is more valuable than money and is the catalyst for change.  

Join us as we step into the world of influence.



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We continue with our four pillar conversation: Identity, Strength, Courage and Influence.

Jayson and Bryan discuss what is at the core of courage. 

What is trying to stop it?  How much is our identity involved? 

How were Gideon's 300 men chosen?



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When considering the act of courage motives are critical in the heroic act. 

In this episode, Jayson and Bryan share their stories. 

They also take a look at a misconception at the motives of Moses first act of deliverance.



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Courage has an opportunity in every area of your life.
The most frequent act of courage is standing to the influences around you that attempt to bring you into conformity.

Jayson and Bryan discuss the dynamics of Heart or Courage.



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What does it mean to be courageous?

What is the difference between courage and simply facing your fears?

Why is it a critical component of our life?

What is the motives behind it?

What does our Father God have to say about it?

These question and more as Jayson and Bryan discuss this critical topic.



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