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n this episode, Jayson and Bryan journey below the surface at how we interpret new or information. 

How are view of life and minor biases drastically shape how we reject or accept what we hear and the outcome it produces.

They also examine what is really behind the conflict.

Discover how your identity and source of life can change your confidence and understanding to the information around you.



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In this episode Jayson and Bryan discuss the effects of a free individual and the implications on society.
We look at the affect of emotions, our decision making process and do we really want freedom.

Freedom is:
The absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.
The power to determine action without restraint.
Greek word for liberty is the ability to do as one pleases.

Three areas of freedom: ownership, responsibility and power. Out of freedom emerges innovation, creativity and benevolence.

We also take a fresh look at the story of Cain and Abel from the perspective of a father training a son to live free and ruling over his own life.

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This episode Jayson and Bryan discuss the meaning of "We stand alone together" and how this concept exposes the powerful force of a united individual.

The moment an individual is forced to conform, the individual is stripped and what they have to offer is taken.

When we have the freedom to give, we enable the mechanism of transformation.

We also take a look at when is it critical to resist and when do we set aside our ideas for the sake of others.

Welcome to the discussion.



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In this episode we tackle the two prevalent forces in our world utilized to influence people.
Our world is at a tipping point of a power persuasion.

A world changing event has revealed two opposing forces that are at work in the world around you.

  • What motivates these two similar in action, but distinctly different thought processes.
  • What is the motives behind them?
    Why is one hostile to the individual?

Join Jayson and Bryan as they venture into the topic of conformity vs. unity.



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