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We kick off 2021 with Tommy joining us as a new addition to the team.  We are now able to bring almost three generations of perspective to the topic at hand.

Jayson, Tommy and Bryan relive the Christmas of 1944 in Bastogne, Belgium.  On that day, surrounded by the German army five times the strength, the US General McAuliffe refused an offer of surrender with the response, "Nuts!"

We bring this into our current lives and what would happen to our life if we let courage emerge.

We go from there to explore:
What is courage and its affects?
How do we lose it?
How do we build it back?

Join us in the discussion!



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In this episode, Jayson and Bryan dive into the world of Jepthah and what Jesus saw when He read of him.  A deliverer from the book of Judges that has taken a lot of criticism for an unfortunate conflict that came about due to the integrity to his word.

He was a man of valor, but born of a prostitute, kicked out of his family and inheritance.  The result left him to roam the land with his band of worthless men.  What we are sure of is that he was righteous and a man of integrity.

In this discussion we discover is something more powerful, that our God and Father, will not break his word or promise even to His own hurt.  The picture of Jepthah also reveals the what happens to a people that ignore integrity and pursue their own interests without regard to their promises.



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In this episode, Jayson and Bryan tackle the modern day pressure to conform to the loudest voices.  We explore how the truths of the Bible are OK, to the powers that be, as long as they do not go against the masses.  This is taking place on a grand scale in every area of our lives.  Asking questions is an important part of who we are, yet it is not always welcomed. How should we respond?  What is the "Christian Way"? Shouldn't we just go with the flow? 

We also show the actions and response of the characters of the Old Testament, New Testament and Jesus respond to this kind of actions.



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In this episode, Jayson and Bryan explore the idea of what is like to see for the first time, whether physically, mentally or spiritually.  How it changes our reality and the interaction with truths we have not understood. Our world looks to change the truth. However, t is not the truth that changes, rather, our position towards the truth. This comes off the observations of the first blind man healed.  This episode sets the stage for the upcoming episodes where we are going back into the biblical characters of old and discovering what Jesus and the Father observed in them. We may be shocked that we have assumed a wrong conclusion.



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In this episode, Jayson and Bryan explore the first red pill (a play on words off the movie Matrix) offered to the first blind man ever healed. When we peel back the layers on this miraculous event, we see that what was the most liberating experience for this man was also naturally a great loss as well. Job loss, family rejection, and community excommunication also came from this eye opening experience.  We see a family that was more concerned with saying the right words than speaking the truth out of fear of the community leaders.

We explore this and share stories on the transformation and cost of having your eyes opened.



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In this episode, Jayson and Bryan explore the difference between knowing about God and knowing God as a Father.  We explore what happens to our perspective and confidence when facing challenging or unknown circumstances, how does the relationship fill our deepest heart need, does he want us to pursue Him or is He pursuing us, and what does life look like directly connected to your source.  This and more in this episode.



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In this episode, Jayson and Bryan look at the personality of Jesus and our relationship to Him.  More importantly, how does he want to relate to us? We explore His witty ways of distracting us from what we are facing in order to bring us into a new perspective.  We discuss His humor, emotions, passion and lightheartedness.  Have we been missing something that has been lost in spiritual theology? This and more in this episode.



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Jayson and Bryan begin a series exploring the assumptions we have made about Jesus and how these assumptions have affected our relationship with Him. Over the series we will explore humanity, being the Son of God, meaning of being the Word and who He is post resurrection.

In this episode, we go into his childhood, what did He have to experience growing up, and how did he learn to know God as a Father?  Can we relate to Him on a personal level? How have are assumptions been distorted by what we heard about Him rather than what has been written



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In this episode, Jayson and Bryan venture into the story of the iconic boxer James J. Braddock, also known as Cinderella Man.  We break down his life story from his birth in New York's infamous Hell's Kitchen, living through the Spanish Flu Pandemic, losing everything in the Great Depression, and from the bottom rising up from extreme poverty to becoming the world boxing heavyweight champion.  A man of deep faith that lived out his principles and would not compromise to the easy way out. 

A great example for our current day.  The question is why do we not have these kind of heroes emerging today, or have we created a society that villainizes those who would dare hold true to their values in spite of all the odds?

The quote that best summarizes this episode is from Father Charles Rorick:
"Maybe Sometimes people need to see someone do it so they can do it themselves."



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In this episode, Jayson and Bryan bring the heroes journey to a climax as what is revealed beyond suffering.  This is the final episode of the suffering series and a heroes journey.  What is revealed in the hero, a new perspective on the world around them and the heart of the hero is also discussed.  It closes with a fathers words towards their child embarking into the world around them.



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